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Planning to buy a condo in Miami? Miami condos come in many different shapes, sizes and price-points. The price of a condo in Miami will vary depending on the size & location, but other important factors will be the age of the building, the amenities it offers, which floor the unit is located on, the view, and the overall condition of the unit. Generally, the higher the floor the unit is located on, the higher the price will be. This is due to the fact that the view usually gets better the higher up you go. The type of view can also play a big difference in the value. Buyers are willing to pay more for a unit facing the ocean or a body of water, than a unit facing the city, busy street, or another building.

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Miami Condo Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Condo in Miami

Miami is a city of dreams for many. From the sunny beaches to the vibrant nightlife, Miami has something for everyone. If you are considering buying a condo in Miami, you are making a significant investment. However, buying a condo is not just about the price and location. There are several factors that you need to consider to make sure you are making a sound investment. Here we will discuss the essential things to consider when buying a condo in Miami.

1. Location

The location is the most crucial factor to consider when buying a condo in Miami. Make sure the condo is located in a safe neighborhood, close to public transportation, and has easy access to essential amenities like grocery stores, hospitals, and schools. You should also consider the proximity to the beach or other attractions that you might be interested in.

2. Condo Association Fees

Condo association fees are typically a monthly expense that you will have to pay as a condo owner. The fees usually cover maintenance and repairs of common areas, amenities, and building insurance. Make sure you understand the fees and what they cover before making a purchase. If the condo doesn't have reserves (savings), then the owners will have to pay for a special assessment when the condo has any major projects or expenses. Special assessments are additional to the regular association fees. Assessments are temporary but they can last for several years in order for owners to make more comfortable monthly payments. Current special assessments can be negotiated when purchasing a condo. Sometimes associations require any outsanding assessment balance to be paid off with the sale, and if not required sometimes sellers are willing to pay it off.

3. Amenities

Miami condos offer a wide range of amenities, including swimming pools, gyms, concierge services, valet parking and more. Consider the amenities that are important to you and make sure the condo you are considering has them.

4. Building Age

The age of the building is an important factor to consider when buying a condo in Miami. Older buildings may require more maintenance and repairs, which can be costly. On the other hand, newer buildings may have higher association fees. Condos are subject to a recertification process by Miami-Dade County once they become 30 years old and every 10-year interval thereafter for the life of the building. Recertification can by very costly if there is a lot of deferred maintenance.

5. Unit Size

Make sure the condo unit you are considering is the right size for your needs. Consider your current and future needs when deciding on the size of the unit. Unlike with single family homes, condos generally cannot be expanded.

6. Financing

Financing is an essential factor to consider when buying a condo in Miami. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the financing options available to you and what you can afford. The ability to finance a condo in Miami with a FHA loan is very rare. The majority of the time you will need to qualify for a conventional loan and most lenders will require a 25% minimum down payment. Some condos will qualify for lower down payments if they meet specific criteria with the lender. Certain loan programs can also help you finance a larger amount.

7. Resale Value

Consider the resale value of the condo before making a purchase. Look at the trends in the Miami real estate market and the potential for appreciation in the future.


Q: What is the average price of a condo in Miami?

A: The average price of a condo in Miami varies depending on the location, size, floor height, view, & amenities. View our monthly updated Condo Market Statistics below for the most up to date price/sqft, median sales price, and average days on market.

Q: Are there any special requirements for buying a condo in Miami?

A: Yes, some condos in Miami have specific requirements for buyers, such as minimum credit score, down payment, or residency status. Some condos are also subject to HOPA, which has a minimum age requirement. If buying for investment, ask when you can start leasing the unit after the purchase and what are the rental rules & restrictions. Some condos make you wait a certain amount of time after purchase until you're allowed to start leasing. Make sure you understand the rules & requirements before making a purchase. 

Q: Is it better to buy a new or old condo in Miami?

A: It depends on your preferences and budget. Older condos may require more maintenance and repairs, while newer condos may have higher association fees.

Buying a condo in Miami can be an excellent investment if you consider all the essential factors. Make sure you choose a location that meets your needs, understand the condo association fees, amenities, building age, unit size, financing, and resale value. By taking the time to consider these factors, you can make an informed decision and enjoy your new Miami condo for years to come.

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